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Where is your size chart?

You can find our size chart here http://www.laceaffair.com/size-chart/. There is also a link to it under the details section of every item of clothing (it’s in pink!) and a link on the bottom right of every page.

How do I know what size I am?

Take a look at our size chart: http://www.laceaffair.com/size-chart/ and then follow the guide and measure yourself. Once you have your own measurements you can compare them to our size chart to see which size will best fit you.

I can see measurements for size small, how do I find measurements for medium and large?

If we have provided measurements for a size small in the details for an item you can find the measurements for a size medium by adding 2 inches to each of the measurements for a size small. For a size large add 4 inches. For example: If the small measures 32” in the bust and 25” in the waist the medium will be 34” in the bust and 27” in the waist and the large 36” in the bust and 29” in the waist.

What does “runs true to size” mean?

This means that the garments measurements fit into the size range for that size on our size chart.

What do “fabric provides some stretch” and “fabric provides stretch” mean?

This means that the fabric for this item has stretch to it. “Fabric provides some stretch” means the fabric can stretch up to 2 inches. “Fabric provides stretch” means that the fabric can stretch anywhere from 2-6 inches. We include this as another way for you to better determine what size to order.

What does “runs small” and “runs large” mean?

This means that a garment is smaller or larger in each size than what we have shown on our size chart. So a size small would have either smaller or larger (depending on which one the details say) measurements than the measurements for size small listed on our size chart. If an item runs small or large we suggest making sure that the measurements provided under details will work for you. If not then we recommend that you order the next size up or down accordingly. It is also important to take fabric stretch into consideration. If an item runs small but the fabric provides stretch it may still fit you quite nicely!

What does “relaxed fit” mean?

Some of our items say “relaxed fit” under the details. This means that an item runs true to the size it is marked as and our size chart but it is meant to have a looser fit. The measurements for these items may seem bigger than a normal but this is because they are supposed to have a loose, flowy, or oversized fit.

How do you measure length?

For everything that has sleeves or straps we measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hem. For one shouldered/sleeved items we measure from the shoulder on the side with a sleeve/strap to the bottom of the hem. For strapless dresses we measure from the bust line of the dress to the bottom of the hem. Make sure you are standing up straight when you are measuring a length on yourself so that you can really tell how long a garment will be!

What if I’m between 2 sizes?

If you are between two sizes on our size chart pay close attention to the details section of the item you want to order. When we provide exact measurements for an item you can figure out if it will fit your specific measurements. If an item provides stretch you may be able to go with the smaller size because it will stretch. If for example your bust is a size large and your waist a size medium you may want to order a large if a dress has no stretch to it. If a dress does have stretch you may want to order a medium because you know it will stretch several inches. Also take into consideration how you like your clothes to fit. If you like a looser fit or more room you could size up. You can always contact us by email at support@laceaffair.com if you need further help with sizing!

What is your shipping policy?

For our detailed shipping policy please go here http://www.laceaffair.com/shipping/

What is your return or exchange policy?

You can find our full return and exchange policy here http://www.laceaffair.com/returns-exchanges/

How do I get a return shipping label?

Please email us at support@laceaffair.com to request a return shipping label. We will need your order number and to know how many items from your order you are returning. Once we look up your order we will create a return label for you and it will be emailed to you with instructions for your return! It is also a good idea to review our Return Policy to know if you qualify for a return or exchange.

What does “*this item is FINAL SALE” mean?

This means that an item cannot be returned or exchanged and is on final sale due to its low sale price.

What does “*this item can be exchanged or returned for store credit only” mean?

This means that an item can only be exchanged for something else or returned for store credit in the amount of the item. No refunds will be given for items marked with this!

Do you restock items or sizes that are sold out?

We do restock items and sizes that are sold out. However we cannot always restock items and not everything that sells out will be restocked. We try our best to restock popular items and sizes when they sell out but sometimes manufacturers are sold out of specific colors or styles or have stopped making them and we cannot restock these items. If you are wondering whether a specific style will be restocked feel free to email us at support@laceaffair.com and we can let you know if/when it will come back in stock.

My size or item is out of stock, what should I do?

If an item is out of stock in your size we recommend you fill out a restock notification form. You can do this by clicking on your size and scrolling down to where it says “Is your product out of stock? Notify me on restock” then click on the link. You will be able to fill out a short form to be notified if we restock your size. If your size comes back in stock we will email you. Be aware that some products have many people waiting to be notified on restock and may sell out quickly once restocked!

I was charged twice, what should I do?

If you received two confirmation emails then that means your order was placed twice. Please email us at support@laceaffair.com and we will take care of this for you. If you only received one order confirmation then it is likely because your bank approved the transaction originally and then cancelled it because the information from your order was incorrect (could be name, address, security code, etc). They will then retry the transaction but some banks will still show the previous transactions as “pending” even though they will not go through and will disappear from your account in a day or two. If you have more questions about charges please email or call us. Help! An error message popped up when I tried to pay using PayPal. The error message says "Your order details are incomplete or invalid. Please email support@laceaffair.com for assistance”.

Usually this message appears when there is a problem with your billing details on PayPal. Be sure to double check your billing address associated with your PayPal account and if the problem persist, you always have an option to check out using a credit card payment. To do so, please make sure you sign out of your account on our site first and then select credit card payment when proceed to check out page.

I’m having problems checking out, what should I do?

If you are having problems when you try to place your order it is most likely because some of the information you entered is incorrect. Please double check everything you entered at checkout. Especially make sure that your name and billing address match exactly what is on your credit or bank account and that the card number, security code, and expiration date are all correct.

I placed my order but I need to cancel it or make changes to it, what should I do?

If you need to cancel your order please email support@laceaffair.com as quickly as possible and we can help you with cancelling or changing your order. Once your order is shipped we cannot cancel it or make changes to it. Keep in mind we ship out all orders placed before 3pm EST the same day Mon-Fri so get in touch with us right away to make changes or cancel.

I returned something and my order status just changed to “Refunded”. When will the funds go back into my bank account?

When you see this change in your order status it means that we have refunded the money to your bank. It depends on the bank but many of them take several days for the money to appear in your account. Usually 2-5 days is a typical amount of time for the money to appear back in your account.

When will my order ship?

We guarantee that all orders placed before 3 pm EST will be shipped the same day and all orders submitted after 3 p.m. EST will be shipped the following day (excluding weekends & holidays).

I didn’t receive an order confirmation email, what should I do?

If you do not receive a confirmation email after you place your order it is usually because the email provided to us is incorrect. It is also possible that it may have gone into your spam folder so be sure to check there for it. If you gave the incorrect email or cannot find it in your spam folder please email us at support@laceaffair.com and we will be happy to resend it to you.

How do I use my store credit?

Your store credit can be viewed when you log into your account on our website. You will be able to redeem it at checkout. The full amount does not need to be used all at once and store credit does not expire.

Do I have to pay taxes on international orders?

International orders (including Canada) may be subject to VAT and other customs or taxes depending on the country. These are the responsibility of the buyer. Delays are also possible due to custom regulations.



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