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About Us

 My name is Tatiana, and my mind gave birth to this site in 2010. I was strolling through different stores looking for something to wear out that night. But I shopped through the chain stores, the mega stores, and I realized something: everything is the same. Same looks, same colors, same cuts. What if I wanted to be different?

 I know there are girls like me out there. Girls who thrive on creativity and independence. Fun, fearless women who appreciate things like vintage inspiration, delicate lace, and individual style. 

 We sell clothes for real life, but there is nothing basic about what you'll find here. Everything is unique, everything is special. Each dress, top, or pair of earrings has a vintage vibe with a modern style.

 I LOVE running this site and I hope you LOVE shopping here just as much. You can contact me directly here tatiana@laceaffair.com





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